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Welcome To Chalo! FreshCo.

your one-stop desi discount grocery store.

At Chalo! FreshCo, you’ll find everything you expect from your local FreshCo store—big discounts, fresh ingredients, and all your favourite brands—plus a wide selection of South Asian specialty foods. Now you can save money and time by doing all your grocery shopping all in one store.

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What’s In Stores

Tre Stelle Paneer <br/>350 g

Tre Stelle Paneer
350 g

SAVE $1.50
Hans Dairy Yougurt <br/>750 g

Hans Dairy Yougurt
750 g

SAVE $0.50
Surati Bhungra <br/>80 g

Surati Bhungra
80 g

SAVE $0.30
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On Sale this Week

Natrel Crème <br/>1 L

Natrel Crème
1 L

SAVE upto $2.20

Campbell’s <br/>Broth <br/>900 mL

900 mL

SAVE $0.20

Regal Juice <br/> 2 L

Regal Juice
2 L

SAVE $1.00

Aman's <br/>Chana Daal <br/>1.81 kg

Chana Daal
1.81 kg

SAVE $2.00