second_icon Chalo! for Amazing Variety

Variety is the spice of life! At Chalo! FreshCo. you’ll find the brands you love and all the ingredients that you need to make delicious South Asian and Canadian meals. Fill your cart with an incredible selection of fresh and prepared products from our fresh full-service fish, meat and halal meat counters. Buy dried ingredients such as nuts, lentils and spices in bulk, and stock up on ready-to-eat desi dinners for busy evenings. Plus, be sure to stop by our in-store restaurant for delicious South Asian meals, sweets and snacks. We make grocery shopping a treat for the whole family!

first_icon Chalo! for Unbeatable Value

This is not your average desi store—it’s FreshCo. for desis! You already know FreshCo. is committed to helping you save on your groceries. Now there’s no need to shop around town for bargains when our discounts and weekly deals help you save on your favourite packaged goods, pantry staples and quality fresh foods. You’ll love how far your money goes at Chalo! FreshCo.

extravah Chalo! for VAH!

Grocery shopping at Chalo! FreshCo. is a whole new adventure. We offer your Canadian favourites and a huge variety of South Asian products all in one store. We’ll even help you find something new to try! You and your family will love stopping by to pick up grab-and-go meals, dine at our in-store restaurant and do your weekly shopping. We’ve teamed up with trusted local partners to make Chalo! FreshCo. Canada’s ultimate desi grocery store.